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The East Meadow Teachers Association
Working In Union With East Meadow

John Gallagher, President
Judy Arabian, Vice President

James Parisi, Vice President

Ryan Malone, Treasurer


The EMTA is the exclusive negotiating agent for the teaching personnel, registered nurses, teaching assistants, library paraprofessionals, and intervention assistants of the East Meadow School District.


The East Meadow Teachers Association is affiliated with NYSUT, AFT, NEA, and AFL-CIO.

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2016-2017 Herman May Scholarship


2016-2017 EMTA Member Scholarship


2016-2017 School Calendar


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NYSTRS Retirement Checklist


Directions to NYSUT Regional Office


The East Meadow Teachers Association / PO Box 7 / East Meadow, NY 11554
Phone / Fax 631.979.0609



NYSUT Member Action Center

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Sample Refusal Letter

2017 Opt Out Fact Sheet

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